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08 Oct 2021
Rainbow Ladyland is launching this weekend and we’re here to take you behind our new collection. Where it all began, our inspiration, development and how we built Rainbow Ladyland into one of the most intricate and detailed collections we have ever created. It’s been nearly a year in the making with many challenges and obstacles but we are so proud of what has been achieved and we can’t wait to see you rocking the pieces.


With each collection we have created you will notice how different they are from each other. That’s because the 60s / 70s is so varied and we have so much love for all parts of these eras and eventually we want to take on each style / icon / vibe from this that inspires us. For this collection the main source of inspiration was Jimi Hendrix, one of our all time favourite muses. His psychedelic prints, ruffles, regal detailing, layering, suits and plush fabrics completely blow our mind. Images of him always make our heart swoon so it only felt natural to build a collection inspired by him. We also know after our vintage sales last year that you dreamers also share a mutual love for all things Hendrix!




I am a huge dreamer, so I’m always thinking about the future and ideas. I like to visualise the collections in my head, the silhouettes, the way it would make you feel and how they would be styled. I think this is due to my background in styling, I really envision the whole look and what pieces we need to create that head to toe vintage inspired ensemble. If we do a velvet suit then what blouse or accessory makes that outfit. At the start of each collection I will create moodboards with all of my inspiration and will collect together any vintage pieces from our archive which we take inspiration from and I will also save vintage print references for Erin (our incredible designer) to have as inspiration and a starting point. I never look at current trends or styles, I look directly back at vintage pieces and original photos to gain inspiration and create pieces which are hard to find as vintage items now or things I wished I could find and wear. This is the point we always put a poll our on our Instagram story too, so we can see what you guys want to see from us! Your opinion and feedback is always top priority for us at THS!

What we strive for: 

-   To create the most authentic collection yet which look like original vintage pieces and can be passed down through generations to come

-   To create a collection, which excites and makes people feel that magical feeling like when you find that gem in a vintage shop you have been envisioning all your life!

-   Where possible to use sustainable fabrics

-   Create a collection which can offer a whole capsule wardrobe for a variety of different events and occasions from day to night.

-   Offer styling pieces within the collection which can become wardrobe essentials and be cross styled across the collection. 


Erin Cadigan who designs our prints and any surface design will then get going sketching our prints! Rainbow Ladyland consists of 5 prints. We wanted to make sure there was something for everyone. Floral prints, psychedelic prints and an everyday stripe. When researching Hendrix more you realise he actually doesn’t wear many paisley prints as you would expect he wears fun floral, psychedelic rainbow prints and clashes them with stripes and geometrics.. We had a lot of fun creating this one and then also using the prints as inspiration for all the embroidered and placement pieces.

Inspired by vintage 70s floral prints this one is a mix of flowers in a cluster formation. In a gorgeous teal, pink, yellow and cream colour palette it really came out so beautiful. 70s in spirit but also feels super fresh, warm and exciting for autumn/winter.

One of the largest scale prints and most detailed we have ever done. Erin absolutely nailed this one with all the intricate 70s floral shapes and patterns. It looks amazing on the dresses and the suits and gives us all those 70s vibes in that rich autumnal colour palette of brown, cream, orange and beige.

For all our psychedelic queens we just had to do a more rainbow print. I really wanted to include a butterfly print into this collection and in my head I saw a trippy butterfly design with flowers incorporated in a rainbow colourway. It’s so playful and so much fun!

Inspired by that iconic image of Hendrix in a scallop print shirt we thought this really embodies Rainbow Ladyland in it’s spectrum colourway. This digital print is so striking and look’s amazing in our Dolly Dagger Shirt & Ezy Ryder Romper.

We just love those images of Hendrix rocking his striped suit and stripes are such a perfect everyday print. Our retro stripe has all our favourite colours in and embodies that warm 70s feeling. It looks so perfect on our Like A Rolling Stone Striped Suit for those rock n roll vibes. 


When all the prints are finished and I have created the new collection pack with sketches and inspiration we work with our garment tech Caroline who helps create tech packs and drawings (see some below) so we can start sampling! Caroline helps make sure the fit and grading is as good as it can be and makes sure the garment is finished and of the best quality.

We started working on this collection in February so it’s been 8 months in the making!



This collection is full of amazing everyday blouses to work into your wardrobe and add that 70s touch. They are great layering pieces with our suits and sets. We look inspiration directly from vintage pieces to create those gorgeous vintage shapes.


This collection has lot’s of one pieces which are transitional for all year long and all occasions. From everyday dresses with gorgeous velvet trims to retro zip up rompers and our delicate and dreamy wide leg jumpsuit. We had so much fun designing these vintage inspired pieces! 


Our favourite category ever to create. We just love creating vintage inspired coats and jackets and the 3 in this collection are our favourite yet. Patchwork, embroidery and faux fur make up our Rainbow Ladyland beauties. We also went all out this collection with new techniques on pieces such as couching and applique with braiding. Infact we're so over the moon with the waistcoats and dusters they could pass as vintage heirlooms!


 This collection we really focused on trousers. We absolutely love a flare and a high waisted trouser so spent alot of time getting the fit perfect for our 3 pairs of flares in this collection including a denim flare, printed flare & velvet flares. We also wanted a hotpant in this collection to style with the long boots for a more 60s look.

Shop the collection from 10.10.21 on main release!


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