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06 May 2022
Rising of The Moon Has launched and we’re here to take you behind the journey of creating the collection.Where it all began, our inspiration, development to the day of our campaign shoot! We can’t wait for you Dreamers to experience the magic we have made with this collection.

We’ve put our heart and should into these pieces so they can become future vintage gems passed down through generations. 


The main source of inspiration for this collection was from romantic world of Stevie Nicks, with statement sleeves, dreamy silhouettes, heavenly embroidery and a selection of perfect vintage inspired prints. Stevie Nicks has always been one of our number one muses and admire her effortless style . We have explored the magical, ethereal world of the 70s in a completely new light with other influences coming from 70s angels such as Grace Slick, Jane Birkin, Pattie Boyd & Joni Mitchell for their soft silhouettes and perfect styling. Incorporating these influences into each product within Rising of The Moon with the aim to create the ultimate dream collection. We have really worked hard on the overall silhouettes within this collection while also paying close attention to the details fabrication and finishing on each piece. We have also increased our sizing up to a UK 24 for this collection as well as launching swimwear/beachwear as part of our second drop coming soon!


Erin Cadigan who lives in Woodstock, New York designs all of our prints for all of our collections and any of our surface design / illustrations. We work closely together by first from our side gathering inspiration and ideas and then Erin sketches & develops the prints. She has such a signature style and vibe which is really special and we think it's a match made in heaven! She then colour them into the vibrant prints you can see below. Rising of the moon consists of 4 prints. We wanted to make sure there was something for everyone, we also like to keep you on your toes and surprise you with each collection. 

First up our Retro Daisy print. Originally designed for our Rainbow Ladyland collection this busy daisy head print is fun and playful in a classic 70s colour palette, these warm tones are perfect and retro for summer. This print makes us really happy! You will also see the cute daisy design embroidered on our Delilah Dungarees and in a custom lace design on our Fall From Grace Lace Dress. 


We wanted to offer a print in cool tones for this summer collection and knew a psychedelic inspired print needed a place in Rising Of The Moon. A very fun and playful design which is perfect for festivals and standing out from the crowd. We absolutely love this print in brocade on our Queen Of Peace Brocade Coat, it worked so perfectly with the gold detailing and can't wait to wear it all summer long.

We couldn't do a Stevie Nicks inspired collection without the more darker, witchier feel florals so our Wildflower print definitely ticks all the Stevie boxes. We are so obsessed with how this one came out, Erin really nailed the illustration and the colouring, we love the gradiant work something new we haven't done before but it looks like a painting adorning the fabrics. This print looks especially wonderful developed into the burnout fabric styles, it really shimmers in the light and creates magic. 

Last but not least our Floral Tile print is inspired by folk style prints. Similar designs seen on the Mamas & Papas & Cher. With gorgeous celestial and flower detail it's so intricate and pretty and looks amazing styled with the black pieces in the collection. We love how this came out on the Rhiannon Maxi Dress. It really does create a bohemian statement.  

This collection we tried to really develop and play with surface design like never before. Heavy floral embroidery on collars and cuffs to applique designs on corduroy we always look to push the bar higher from the previous collection. We are especially pleased with the Hollywood Velvet Set with dreamy Wildflower embroidery and the Songbird Blouses. All of the details came out really heavenly this summer. 

Sustainability is always at the forefront of our mind when developing the samples and this collection we are proud of how many pieces either use recycled, organic or natural fibres. Working hard to make sure the pieces are built to last and to be treasured forever. 

To bring Rising Of The Moon we went to shoot the campaign at Park Hotel 1970 which is just outside of Frankfurt, Germany. It's an amazing hotel in a small town which hasn't been touched since the 70s. All original decor and fittings, it really is like stepping back in a time capsule. 

The location worked perfectly with lot's of different textures and rooms, especially the James Last Suite which had carpet walls and an amazing huge vintage bed, it worked out perfectly to shoot the collection here. 

If you want to see more from our campaign shoot take a look though our lookbook HERE and find our campaign video on youtube HERE.

Above is sneak peek of the team on set for the campaign shoot for Rising Of The Moon.

We can't wait to see you dreamers rocking this collection!

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