Back in April we were very lucky to have musician Oscar Lang in our THS HQ for our latest Studio 34 Sessions! He performed his song Apple Juice plus a cover of Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone Again which you can watch and listen to below. We also caught up with him for a little Q&A about what he's been up to and got coming up this year. We were absolutely blown away by his live session, what a voice. ENJOY!

Thank you for coming to our HQ to play for us! Tell us more about your cover and why you picked it? 
For me Alone Again (Naturally) is the perfect ‘sadboi’ tune and you know I love my sadboi tunes. 
Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations?
It’s hard to say really, I’ve gathered influences from all over my life over the years. If I had to be specific it was people like Kevin Parker who inspired me to decide to make music all by myself. 
Your debut album ‘ Chew the Scenery’ is out on the 16th of July, how long has it been in the making?
Well it took about a month to record back in November 2020, but really it’s been in the making for years. Some of the songs like ‘Could Swear’ I’ve literally been playing since my first gig ever and other songs were written earlier last year in lockdown. For me this album is a big mish-mash of all the styles of music I’ve enjoyed and enjoyed making over the past few years.
How does your song writing process work?
Well I typically start with chords and then hum a melody. If nothing lyrically comes to me straight away, I’ll record a version of the song with me doing a melody and just singing gibberish. Which whilst being really fun is actually super annoying because sometimes when we come to write actual lyrics we prefer the sound of the gibberish.
Who would you most like to collaborate with on a track ?
I’d love to work with Declan McKenna, he seems like a sound dude and I love his music. I think we’d be great together.
What is the most played song in your playlist right now?
At the minute it’s ‘Off You’ by the Breeders, super melancholic but just love the lyrics and melody and whole vibe of this track. For a while it was ‘Water In the Well’ by Shame tho, got in a pattern of listening to that song like 3 times a day.
We know people will want to hear more from you, what gigs do you have coming up and how do you feel about being back in a venue with an audience?
We’re hopefully playing Truck Festival at the end of July, and we are going on a headline tour in October!! Im super excited to be back on stage but yeah I’m a little nervous, feels weird just talking to mates irl now let alone a full audience.




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