Last month we welcomed Pixey into THS HQ for our latest Studio 34 Session. She blew us away with her amazing voice and presence, see below a little Q&A and her amazing live sessions of her song Shine On & her cover of The Lemon Piper's: Green Tambourine.

Congratulations on your EP Sunshine State! How long has it been in the making?
It’s a few years of writing brought together for one project - some as far back as 2018 and some as new as a couple of months before the EP. 

Where did the name Pixey come from?

I’m absolutely tiny (about 5ft 1) and my mum gave me the idea when I was brainstorming names for when I first put my music online, so Pixey just made complete sense! 

When did your love for playing and writing music begin?

After a bad illness a few years ago I had a lot of time to kill during my recovery, so I started looping guitar parts as I couldn’t actually play the guitar. It really got me through that hard time and now I can’t imagine a life without writing music.
Do you have any icons that inspire you most in music and fashion?

Definitely Björk & David Bowie. Two musical geniuses with an iconic fashion sense. I always draw on their influences when I’m thinking about how I dress/style myself. 

Is there a venue you have played that really stands out to you?

I played my first arena with DMA’S this year and that was a true highlight. I’ve never seen so many people looking back at me on the stage before. It was mental. 

It was great to have you in for a session at Studio 34. What can we expect to see from you next year?

I would love that! Hopefully another project, bigger and better than you’ve ever seen from me. Next year is going to be my year.