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At Home With Betty Glue

25 Mar 2024
How would you describe your style?

It changes depending on what music I listen to, some days I go all 90s grunge and other days I’m back in 1974 ! But mainly it’s an amalgamation of trashy groupie- Kate Moss-indie sleaze-chaotic Courtney Love whore chic with a dash of Marc Bolan and Johnny rotten ! I love fur coats, pretty dresses, ripped band T-shirts…eyeliner and cigarette completes most outfits for me.

What does a typical day look like for you? 

I usually have a playlist to wake up to currently I have I wanna be Adored by the Roses. I work part time in soho. I love walking around there on my lunch breaks. It’s all very Withnail and I around there…If I have time in the day I’ll always try and see an exhibition, and then perhaps dinner with, or a gig, but most evenings I’m cosied up in bed watching Peep Show repeats.

What inspires your content?
When I was a child I was obsessed with MTV and TOTPs- I use to also like VH1 and the little programmes like Pop Up Video! Does anyone else remember that? It taught me so many useless/useful musical facts and i was so in love with that MTV era too, so music videos have a place in my heart, so nostalgic…and I think…well, I just do this and film it now for my own amusement! I’ve always admired pop culture programmes or tv shows that are funny and smart and silly, like Brass Eye, Adam and Joe, Shooting Stars and Monty Python- things like that- so I just take all of this and roll it all together and see what sticks and it’s fun to do it all! It takes me back to my nostalgia which is a safe place for me. I have trouble dealing with the present. 

Favourite breakfast?

I love Turkish eggs! But also you can’t go wrong with a full English breakfast! There’s something so iconic about that breakfast; beans, fried eggs, black pudding, bacon, and some brown sauce! Actually MacDonald’s do a great breakfast too…


What would your perfect day be like?

I would magically wake up in 1977- I’d be living in squat with Paul Simonon (from the clash) and I’d be in my own punk band. We’d head down to Camden and go and see all the bands playing, maybe pick a kebab on the at home…a kebab would Paul would be ideal…! the nights would be long and chaotic! Id wake up on Sid Vicious which the night before I must have mistaken for a pillow ... something like that. Yeah! Yeah! 

Favourite band?

ABBA, the Beatles, Manics, The Clash, TREX, Slade, Squeeze, Hole, Nirvana, Blondie, Echo and the bunnymen, Joy Division, The Smiths! So many I can’t choose one! Recently I’ve got quite into Yugoslavian new wave, it’s very good! 

Favourite song?

Too hard! A few of my on repeats…
Up the junction - squeeze
Life’s a Gas - trex
SOS - abba
I wanna be adored - the stone roses
Lost in the supermarket - the clash
Deny - the clash
Violet - Hole
lithium - nirvana
I’m a cliche ! And I don’t care. 

Favourite outfit from the shoot day?

Again, too hard! BUT If I was to choose it has to be the tartan suit or the penny lane green coat! Argh! Actually, the shoes and the sunglasses…can I say ALL of it? 

Dream celebrity meeting? Past or present

I once sang “Road Rage” to Cerys Matthews in a lift whilst doing an Cerys Matthews impression. Not sure if that impressed her…

Check out Betty on her socials @bettyglue
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