STUDIO 34 SESSIONS: FUR – The Hippie Shake
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11 Nov 2021

Our latest Studio 34 Session is here and we are so excited about! With one of our favourite bands, FUR! Murray & Josh from the band came in and played a song of their new album 'No Good For You' & a Ghetto Brother's 70s cover of There Is Something In My Heart which you can listen and watch both below...  

Congratulations on launching your debut album ‘When You Walk Away’! How does it feel having it out there?

It’s feels amazing! Been such a long process and it goes in waves of excitement throughout the different stages of creation and pre release, but I think the stage of it being out and no turning back and getting a good reception from the people it’s for is up there at the top with the actual recording.

Do you have a writing process that helped when putting this album together?

Josh and I both write and we spur each other on quite a bit so I always end up liking Josh's tracks more than mine and vice versa and that helps give a bit of competitive nature to the process. We really meticulously demo our songs and so when we hear the demos we kind of know whether they’re gonna sound good or not seeing as we’re almost recreating them come studio time.

Do you have any icons that inspire you all?

At the moment it’s everyone from the Laurel Canyon scene in the 70s Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and those sorts there was a great sense of creative freedom and appreciation between them all and I find that inspiring.
It was great having you at Studio 34 for your session.

Tell us more about why you chose the songs that you did?

No Good For You we chose last minute whilst setting up because we almost forgot it was on the record and how perfect it was for me and josh to perform!
And the cover was something I had recently discovered and played in the van a couple of times and we really liked it and it seemed to suit the vibe.

You have an upcoming tour beginning this November, do you have a venue or city you are most excited to play?

It would probably have to be Manchester tickets have sold so well and people seem super excited for it and we love playing there and with all the new album tracks it’s even more exciting.

If you could each only play one album while you are on the road touring what would it be?

Murray - Neil Young - Harvest
Josh - Leonard Cohen - Songs Of Leonard Cohen

What are some of your favourite things to do together when you have some down time?

Sadly we haven’t had much downtime together throughout the pandemic as we’ve been living apart but during studio time or hotel rooms on tour we love a game of Fifa and watching/discussing football.

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