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We Love: Josie Wild

06 Sep 2023
We Love is the stage to shine a spotlight on some of our favourite creators and why we love them.
This month we took some time to talk with the author Josie Wild about finding inspiration and her new book 'The Dainty Spirit'.

My name is Josie Wild. I am a twenty-two-year-old writer/author based in Gqeberha, South Africa. I spend my free time finding the balance between living in the city and being out in nature; people watching, scouring coffee shops, and exploring Africa’s natural magnificence.

What inspires you most?
I find my inspiration in life around me, from the splendour of nature to the workings of the soul. The human psyche fascinates me and I like to base my writing around it. I am also inspired by what I deem to be beautiful and sacred; music, art, literature, and clothing, to name a few. My ideas and inspiration can be found in my
little book of “magic” that I use as a creative journal.

How did you get into writing?
I was an avid reader as a child, with a vast imagination. I had my own stories that I wanted to put into the physical, so I’ve been writing stories for as long as I can remember. 

Tell us a little about your journey with spirituality. 
I began exploring spirituality as a means to learn more about my soul and the workings of the souls around me. The biggest thing I have learned is the act of being present and that existence carries its own poetic essence or the essence of Awen. I find that noticing the present allows me to exist in my most natural form, whilst honouring the beauty around me. We would be happier humans if we could revel in the present moment. 

How long has ‘The Dainty Spirit’ been in the works?
“The Dainty Spirit” has been published worldwide for about four months. I published the book on my 22nd birthday as a gift to myself and my hard work. It has been gratifying and humbling to hear how the book has impacted readers and how it continues to do so. 

What was the inspiration behind ‘The Dainty Spirit’?
I wanted to write an authentic representation of my feelings and perceptions as a young person in today’s times, capturing the beauty and strife that comes with being a sensitive human. It is a stream of consciousness; the raw and the real, the oddly voyeuristic, and the order of my soul. Plus, it’s inspired by psychedelics, which gets pretty interesting. 

Tell us a little more about The Dainty Spirit.
“The Dainty Spirit” is a psychedelic fiction novella following a young woman's journey, navigating her identity. The protagonist has no name, as she does not deem her name to be of any importance. She enters an alternate reality where she is posed with a quest, but first, she must battle her greatest insecurities. 

What draws you to vintage 70s and vintage clothing?
I am drawn to the unapologetic expression that came through the times fashion. My style is an extension of my soul, so I enjoy the experimental nature of it. Sometimes you’re just drawn to a period of fashion, and it’s unexplainable. It just feels right.
Do you listen to any music to help you get inspired? If so, what Genre?
I love all kinds of rock and roll, funk, jazz, blues; you name it. I enjoy listening to more otherworldly and psychedelic stuff when it comes to writing. South African artist “Blue Vow helped me to write “The Dainty Spirit” with her magic melodies.


Do you have any advice for anyone looking to get into writing or looking to be  
more creative?
Do not give in to the dreaded imposter syndrome! Your story is meant to be out there; people will love it. Don’t doubt your abilities because writing is a true calling. 

What projects do you have in the making?
I am working on my next book, 'The Water Is Magic' a witchy novel set on the South African coastline. I plan on querying it with a publisher near the end of the year.

Make sure to follow Josie on Instagram to keep up with her ethereal writing

Photographer @_melkweg_
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