Firstly, thanks so much for shooting with us while we were in LA. It was pre lockdown so things were a little hectic and it rained for all of the shoot. It was a whole lotta fun though!

It was hectic and eerie but I honestly had such a great time with you and the team you curated. I started modeling when I was 17, this was one of my favorite shoots to date!

For our followers who are new to your music, how would you describe your sound?

My music is my version of rock ‘n’ roll. I don’t like comparisons. Best way for someone to know my sound is to listened my music. I’d say start with my new album: “VOL. II“.

What were your beginnings in music and how did you get to where you are today?

This question requires a books worth of answers lol. Natural passion for singing, playing guitar, and writing music and poetry at a young age. Years of self discovery through other artistic avenues. Uprooting my beautiful life in my hometown, Baltimore, and moving to California. Facing my fears, busting my ass, believing in my originality. Those are just a few of the ingredients.

Now when we last spoke you were just gearing up to embark on a huge US & European Tour. I’m so sorry this had to be postponed I know how much you were looking forward to it! Are there plans in the works to rearrange these dates and if so when for?

Yes! My UK/European tour is now slated for November and December (can’t wait to hang with you!) US has not been announced but, spoiler alert! it will be in August-ish through October.

Like the much of the world I’m sure you’ve been self-isolating, how have you been spending your time?

I am a true extrovert. However, I am a tactile artist to the core. I have been really enjoying crossing things off my creative to do list. Which pre-quarantine is merely a “dream to do list“. I feel like I’m on the most magical, self-induced drug when creating. Whether it’s painting, decoupage, sewing or mending odds and ends around the house. I, like most people I know, pack their schedules to the gills. The only time I ever have to do things like this are when my day is randomly canceled.

We absolutely love your song writing! What’s your process and what inspires your lyrics?

Thank you! I write from my trajectory. Those who read my lyrics will get to know me faster or at least no thanks I’ve gone through and understand a bit of my sense of humor. I’m always writing down thoughts that rhyme. Most are crap but the ones I use need to be next to the crappy ones so I can see their poignancy. And even the crappy ones inspire worthwhile lyrics. Well then bring these thoughts to my guitarist, Eduardo. He writes most of the guitar for our music. I still play and write with myself (especially for my solo music : “Ruth”). But I prefer his style of playing for LRW band.

Now the 70s is a very special decade for us, are there any artists from the 70s that you particularly admire or who have inspired your sound?

I don’t know what influences my sound, at least not subconsciously. I was mainly raised on music from the 60s and 70s, there are too many to name. My vinyl collection started to happened in my forming years from teen to young woman. I know that music I influenced the way I take in the world and project myself. Some 1970s artists in vinyl collection : The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jackson 5, the carpenters, Pink Floyd, Donna Summer, Steve Miller band, ELO, The doors, the Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, Jim Croce, James Taylor, Carly Simon, Heart, Fleetwood Mac,Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, mamas and the papas, Van Halen, The Guess Who, Sonny and Cher, rush, Roy Orbison, REO Speedwagon, Frank Sinatra,.. there’s more ♥️

How important is fashion to you and how would you describe your style?

it’s a way of self-expression. It’s very important. It reminds me that I am in charge of making my own decisions, and so are you. clearly I live in the 60s/70s but a lot of my wardrobe is sentimental. My mother saved loads of clothing. I covet her letterman‘s jacket she gave me when I was 15. That same year, my step mom gave me her acid-wash Calvin Klein. Very late 80s / early 90s which isn’t my general era but wearing it makes me feel closer to her. I also love the aspect of recycling. Vintage is the way to go.


We know you’re an avid thrifter, do you have any tips for our followers on finding those unique gems?

hmmmmm. First of all, thank you! Coming from you, that means a lot : ). I know this isn’t a luxury most people have but travel to smaller towns, for example when I’m on tour, I will find the most inexpensive vintage clothing/items at antique malls. I live in Los Angeles so I definitely get down with the amazing vintage stores, but it’s 2020, there’s no secret, they are picked over and curated so prices must be raised. And I support that (literally). The thrift stores in the small towns surrounding where my parents live in Maryland are brilliant. But yeah, antique malls are where I have found so many gems!

Do you have one piece of clothing that’s more special than the others and what’s the story behind it?

Wow. I’ve never been asked this question haha. Very hard to answer. Like I said above, I have a lot of clothing from my parents. Including my stepmom’s class ring. Her high school‘s mascot is on the side, a scorpion, and as a Scorpio, I still get just as excited wearing it as I did when she gave it to me when I was 12. my sister and I split up my parents concert T-shirts. I have Van Halen ’81, Heart ’82 (I also have the ticket stub) and she has Billy Squire ‘82 and Jackson 5 ‘84! That ones a muscle tee! First born’s always get the best hand me downs hahaha.


We’d love to know one record that’s really influenced you as an artist and why?

Elliott Smith – “New Moon”. I was 19 when I first heard it. He had passed away right before I got my hands on it. I wasn’t writing music at the time, I was going to hair school during the day and working at a salon as a shampoo tech and reception on the weekends. I had no time or want to create music but I was listening to a lot. This album has never gotten old. I have it digitally, CD and vinyl. I love Ellicott Smith.

Finally, what’s next in the pipeline for Lauren Ruth Ward?

touring! Hugging my fans. Creating. I have three side projects releasing music this year. My solo project “Ruth”, “Aging Actress” – a band formed with Chris Hess of SWIMM (look them up! Thank me later!), and “Heaven Electric” – a band with guitar god, Andrew Martin.

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