On Tour 74 Lookbook

Get ready to steal the spotlight & take centre stage this season with On Tour ’74. Inspired by the glam rock era where masculine and feminine energies merge effortlessly, and the party is open to all. Our aim is capture the essence of that rock ‘n’ roll magic, where boundaries blur and individuality reigns supreme. It’s a fusion of bold and delicate,daring and dreamy. Rich in texture, soft in touch with galactic and geometric twists and a touch of sparkle which we know always strikes a chord.
So, let’s dance, let’s dream, and let’s get ready to go On Tour ’74.
Photographer: Wanda Martin
Videographer: Ruth Garner
Band: Picture Parlour
H&M: Danielle Wetherall & Keira O'Brien
Styling: Naomi Hession
Art Director: Rachel Wood
Prints: Erin Cadigan

Location: Walthamstow Trades Hall