We created The Hippie Shake as a platform to share with you all that we love! We are super passionate about 60s and 70s vintage clothing and supporting second hand shopping. Our main business will always be to sell vintage clothing as that is what we love. However, it’s becoming increasingly hard to find original 70s pieces, so we made the decision to create our own vintage inspired collections.
From the outset our goal was to create pieces which have the same look and feel as vintage clothing that you can treasure forever. Not trend or fashion focused, pieces that capture the essence of the 70s and can be worn for years to come. We produce very limited runs of our collections to avoid waste. From last year’s collection, we had zero waste and we intend keep it like this. It means every garment has a tremendous amount of love and energy put into it.
We work closely with partners in both India and China, whom we were lucky enough to find on our travels 2 years ago. When we selected our partners we ensured that in each factory there was absolutely no child labour, there were fair working hours and everyone was paid the legal wage. Together we have now worked on our SS18 collections ‘Mystic Revival’, ‘Here Comes The Sun’ and our AW19 Stargazer collection.  We visit and work closely with them to produce each piece and we are involved in the whole process from start to finish. Where possible we try to use fabrics, which are end of rolls / already made.
We are a very small business of just 2. Myself Naomi and my husband Ben who helps me run The Hippie Shake. We design, source and work across every aspect of the brand. We are always looking for ways for our business to become more sustainable moving forwards. We use recyclable mailing bags, we don’t print receipts and keep our waste to the minimum.
As a business and as individuals we are very aware of the environmental impact of the fashion industry and believe that we must all be moderate and be considered with our consumption. We pour all our passion and knowledge into everything we create, and every day is a learning curve for us. As we continue to grow as a business we continue to push ourselves and find new ways to make our business more sustainable. 

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