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A Retro Guide to Liverpool With Milly and Gianna

13 Jan 2023

Hey!! I’m Milly. I visited Liverpool 4 or so years ago and essentially never left -out of my adoration with all things The Beatles, I got consumed into a complete obsession with vintage fashion, the entire 1960s subculture & music. Even though it was the Beatles that brought me to Liverpool, it's the groovy places and people that have kept me living here for the past 3 years.

Hi! I’m Gianna, or more often than not my friends call me Gia. I’m from the city and could never imagine leaving! The Beatles are a massive part of growing up here but unbelievably were not the instigators for my love of vintage. I have my Parents & grandparents to thank for that. I was lucky enough that their taste in music and fashion was passed down! It’s been a lifelong love affair.

Places To Visit

Bold street (shopping, eating, drinking, the whole lot)
An obvious but unmissable mention. Anyone taking a walk up there will find something to peak their interest. It also is the location of a particularly wonderful Oxfam in which Milly and I played rock, paper, scissors for a vintage 60s dress (she won)

The British music experience - The Docks 
Host of original stage outfits, concert posters, handwritten lyrics and guitars owned by some of the greatest musicians. They have so many pieces there it’s insane- going through each decade of rock and roll up to modern day, there is a bit for everyone here

The Beatles story, Albert Dock 
It would be completely wrong of me to not mention a few Beatles related activities for all the Beatle maniacs. Located on the Albert Dock (another must visit) it chronicles The boys’ lives and music

Strawberry Fields, Beaconsfield Road
A particular place of interest for Lennon lovers! A stone’s throw away from John’s childhood home, you can walk around the same grounds John did, and visit the exhibition dedicated to his life. 

Honourable mentions: 
If you’re a dedicated Beatle lover (aren’t we all?) you can take tours of all 4 boys childhood homes!

Vintage & Record Shopping 

Jacaranda Records/Phase One, Seel Street
Just down the road from The Jacaranda (as written about by my glamorous counterpart later on) it’s a genius mix of record store (the city’s largest at that), bar, live music venue and beer garden. Entertainment galore! 

 Probe records 
Probe Records, The Bluecoat
Founded in 1971, Probe records is a long standing pillar of the Liverpool music scene! It’s a personal favourite and you’ll no doubt always find something to add to your collection. 

 69A - Renshaw street 
Just the next road along from bold street, 69A has a bit of everything- antique homeware, trinkets, books & clothes. Murdoch the cat might also greet you if your particularly lucky 
 Renshaw Street Records
An amazing independent record shop just up the road from 69A. It has a vast selection of records to look through & it’s building is rich in The Beatles history

 Freida Mo’s, 31 Lark Lane 
For all my fellow enthusiasts of both cake and vintage, the vibrant treasure trove that is Frieda Mo’s is a must. It’s independent, female led, inclusive, and has the most spectacular teas ever.  
Some Extra Honourable, and very important mentions! 

The Music Box, West Derby. 
If you’re looking to travel outside of the city centre, be sure to drop in to
Liverpool’s oldest record shop! 

 Red Brick Market,The Baltic Triangle 
Packed full of the coolest independent vendors, there really is something for everyone. We could spend all day combing through this place and still miss something!

Bars, Nightlife, and Venues 

The  Jacaranda - Slater Street 
We love The Jac! Going from one of the earliest venues & rehearsal spots for the Beatles back when they were ‘the silver beetles’, It is now the coolest 3-floor bar. 
 The basement continues to hold live music gigs for local artists, and the top floor has built in turntables & speakers within each booth for you and your friends to pick a vinyl from their selection and play whilst you drink. So much fun. 

 Mentioned in previous sections: 
Phase One (connected to Jacaranda Records) Seel Street
Bar, Live music venue, and beer garden! 

 Honourable Mentions! 
Our regular watering holes: The Pilgrim, on Pilgrim Street, and Ye Cracke, on Rice Street (where you can sit at the very table the Fab Four frequented often!) and need we mention the Cavern? 

Places to eat

The Book Binder - Lark lane 
A super cosy coffee, lunch or dinner spot. Their Sunday roasts are insane and you can even play a wholesome board game whilst you eat if you fancy. 

The egg- Newington (near bold st. & renshaw st.)
The egg is the cutest cafe & food spot tucked away along the road connecting bold street and Renshaw street. We both love the decor & amazing fresh food selection yum

Mentioned in previous sections:
Freida Mo’s - 31 Lark Lane if you’re looking for coffee, tea, and a cake!

Thank you for spending the day visiting some of our favourite spots around Liverpool we hope you love them as much as we do!

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