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The Women Of Daisy Jones And The Six

09 Mar 2023
Words by Ashleigh Elizabeth

Women in the 70s were powerhouses of feminism. The 70s saw a huge boom of women's rights protests, activism and incredibly strong female influences in the media and music industry. When you think of inspirational women from the 70s, especially within the music industry, you think of women like Diana Ross, Stevie Nicks, Linda McCartney, Joni Mitchell and Joan Jett. But right now, some brand new 70s icons have emerged into pop culture, and though they may be fictional, their values, their  attitudes and their vibes are still inspire many people, like myself. Daisy Jones, Karen Karen, Camila Dunne and Simone Jackson teach us so much about strength, individuality and womanhood, it’s impossible not to look up to them… even if they are fictional. 

“I used to care when men called me difficult. I really did. Then I stopped. This is way better.”

Simone Jackson; The Artist. 

Daisy might be the first girl that we meet in the book, but Simone is the first woman who comes into Daisy’s life and leaves such a ferocious impact that they instantly become best friends for life. Simone see’s the way men look at Daisy, like another youngster they can take advantage of, and she steps right in their way and makes it her duty to keep Daisy safe. Simone’s personality right from the get go shows that the one thing she values more than anything is friendship, especially her friendship with Daisy. She takes her under her wing to make sure Daisy is safe, educated and has a roof over her head and a shoulder to cry on when she needs it. Simone is also the main reason Daisy decided to pursue music seriously; she opens Daisy’s eyes to how much talent she really has, but not once is Simone jealous. All she ever wants to do is uplift Daisy and make sure she is reaching her full potential, not wasting her life away at a young age. 

“Here I was trying to get another record deal - taking voice lessons all the time, really working at it - and Daisy, it was so easy for her. I wanted to hate her for it. But Daisy’s not very easy to hate.” 

Right from the first moment we’re introduced to Simone the disco queen, we get this warm feeling that almost feels like falling right back into a good old catch up with a life long best friend. She constantly pushes the women supporting women agenda, no matter what. Even when her own career isn’t doing as well as she wanted, she never once tries to put Daisy down. She’s the best friend we all need. Everyone needs a Simone.

Camila Dunne; The Mother 

If Camila could be described in one word, it would be confidence. Though she may not be the outwardly, loud, dancing-around-on-stage type of confident, she is nothing if not secure and assured of herself. Everything we learn about Camila throughout the book builds her up to be the most incredibly strong woman I’ve ever read about. From the first day she meets Billy Dunne, to the very end of the book, she does nothing but support and love him with everything she has. She refused to let him and his mistakes stand in the way of the life she wanted to build, her life, her rules. It’s the strength displayed by his wife that keeps Billy on track with his sobriety. Whenever he’s going to slip back into his old ways, it’s the thought of Camila and his daughters that keeps him strong. Camila is not once threatened or intimidated by Daisy’s presence. She’s aware that Daisy is also an incredibly strong woman with her own battles and her own fights to be won, but the main characteristic that is pushed in Camila’s narrative is that she is incredibly secure in her relationship with Billy. 

“Daisy, he loves you. You know that he loves you. I know that he loves you. But he’s not going to leave me.”

Camila is a natural caretaker. She’s the rock and the foundation that holds almost all of The Six together. She’s there for Karen in her darkest times and never judges her for her decisions, but never gives the advice she thinks people just want to hear. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, and even less afraid to take the steps necessary to keep the life she dreams of intact. She knows what she wants, and anything less is not enough. 

Karen Karen; The Rockstar 

Karen is the definition of a rockstar. From the first moment we meet her, she’s introduced as this incredibly talented musician who wants to be taken seriously in her craft and not pushed around by the hundreds of men trying to tell her what to do. The main reason she joins The Six is because she feels as though they treat her as their equal, not just the token ‘sexy woman’ within the band. They can see her talent, and that’s what she wants to be seen the most. She never wants to fit into the mould that is laid out in front of her. When told that she should be wearing mini dresses and mini skirts on stage, she says ‘hell no’ and wears exactly what she wants to wear. She never lets anyone tell her what she’s supposed to do or how she’s supposed to live her life.

“Men often think they deserve a sticker for treating women like people.” 

Karen never changes her morals or ideas for anyone. When a life changing event crops up that threatens what Karen wants for herself and her future, she doesn’t hesitate to do anything within her power to keep her goals and dreams within her reach. Once again, she knows what she wants, and doesn’t let anyone get in the way of that. Even when Graham tries to convince her otherwise, she stands her ground and doesn’t let him make her feel bad for the decision she made, solely for her and her own self worth. Karen is such a strong and grounded woman, and is a powerhouse of a woman in a male dominated industry. 

Daisy Jones; The Somebody. 

“I had absolutely no interest in being somebody else’s muse. 
I am not a muse. 
I am the somebody.”

 The quote that defines Daisy Jones as The Somebody. The woman that wants to harness her talents and not allow any man to take what she has and use it. The thing that’s so special about Daisy, is that she is only really inspired by the women around her. If it weren’t for Simone, she would never have pursued her dreams as seriously as she did. Karen helps keep her grounded and gives her someone to call a close friend when writing, recording and touring, and even Camilla cares about Daisy’s well-being, and keeps Daisy feeling like she can get through the toughest period in her life. Daisy is never once swayed by a man. She never lets men give her their opinion on what she should be doing or how she should be living. In her first meeting with a record label, she refuses to work with them if she isn’t being her authentic self. She refuses to let these men in high places turn her into something she’s not; she would rather fight tooth and nail to the place she wants to be, rather than let anyone put her in a place that feels inauthentic to her. She is the definition of a free spirit, while also being an incredibly sensitive soul.

 Daisy teaches us to keep in touch with our true selves, even through the toughest times that feel like they’re impossible to get out of. She has the kind of determination people can only dream about - she refuses to stop until she is where she wants to be. And that is something to be admired. 

These women may be fictional, but they’re the representation of everything I feel women should be. Lifting each other up, being strong and determined. Not letting anyone tell them how to dress, how to walk, how to live their lives. Women can dominate any industry, any life they want to, and all four characters show that it’s possible. 

That’s why the women of Daisy Jones & The Six are my idols.
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