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Behind The Collection - Across The Universe

11 May 2023
Inspired by the experimental hedonism of the Summer of Love, and the craftsmanship and creativity of artists from all around the world, our Spring / Summer ‘23 collection is a spectrum of colours, statement vintage-inspired prints and out of this world embroidery. 

We bathed in the nostalgia of 1967 to create a treasure trove of gems inspired from all over the world with The Beatles, Pink Floyd & Haight - Ashbury at the forefront of our inspiration. 

Our team has been working tirelessly over the past six months to refine every detail in this collection you now see. We feel that this is our most authentic and exciting collection yet featuring incredible new prints and the most embroidery work we have ever done all thanks to our print designer Erin Cadigan. 

We wanted to transport you dreamers back to the days of Peace, Love & Flower power for one summer, an escapism through your style and a dip into the psychedelia and acid colours inspired by Apple Boutique & The Fool to stand out at any event. 

A collection full of standalone separates which can be paired into your summer wardrobes and statement layering pieces which are adorned with embroidery and vintage finishings. Using a mix of natural earthy fabrications such as cotton, linen, hemp and our favourite cotton velvet which you know will be passed down through future generations. We also used a new custom fabrication the ombre lace, which we loved how it turned out. 

At The Hippie Shake, our main goal is to create collections that make you go WOW and make your heart skip a beat, just like when you find that vintage gem you've been longing for. We're all about expression through clothing, and we're constantly pushing ourselves to take each piece to the next level. We want to create collections that are unexpected, exciting, and nostalgic, exploring different pockets of our favourite eras. We hope this latest collection evokes that special feeling for at least one of you out there. When we see you rocking our clothes, we know our job is done, and it's all worthwhile.

Prints and Embroidery

Every season we work closely with our print designer Erin Cadigan on a collaborative creative project to bring the vision to life starting with the all-important prints. What starts as an initial brief and some vintage references & ideas is brought to life by Erins' sketches, then we go to colour. It’s a vital process to the collection but can also be very tricky with a lot of back and forth. To make sure we make the right decision & it feels authentic to the time and to the brand.


This season, we have developed four key prints that are showcased below. Additionally, we have created two complementary prints to compliment our collection. One is a retro stripe design with a summer-inspired color palette, influenced by the Beatles. The other is a variation of our Cascading Floral print, featuring scattered floral motifs on a light base, perfect for those enchanting summer days. With a wide range of options, we have explored earthy 70s color palettes, incorporated regal hues, and even ventured into vibrant rainbow and spectrum colorways. Our collection offers something for everyone, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Get ready to embrace the season with our captivating prints!

A dripping vintage inspired floral inspired by a summer dress I saw a few years ago but in our classic earthy tone colours, which we know you dreamers love. I love the mix of the large florals with the drippy colour background, we also adapted this into a scattered floral print which is more delicate and used on our Lucille Top & Maxi Dress.

One of my favourite prints we have ever done, I love the spectrum of colours in this one as well as the intricate design with unusual twists and turns. I just think this is such a fun and vibrant print to wear to this summer's festivals but also with the rich jewel tones it’s also one which can be worn all year and styled in so many different ways. It adorns dresses, tops, flares & accessories.

Something a bit different for us, but a masterpiece from Erin our new Typedelic print. I wanted to use the collection name in a print and also some relevant nods to our inspiration The Beatles such as Joy, Love & A Million Suns. I love all the elements of this along with the royal colour palette. It really is so unusual and think it’s so fun for all our retro queens styled with our new stripe print or denim.

One of the largest scale prints we have ever done & also the most different. Our rainbow ombre design uses colours taken from our Psychedelic print. I wanted this to feel very dreamy and magical but only used on a few pieces which can be styled with the psychedelic print or to inject colour into a simple look. This was born from inspirations such as Apple Boutique, The Fool and other psychedelic 60s references.


You asked and we listened! We are over the moon to be launching our biggest menswear selection to date with 14 dedicated styles. Offering styles in our Retro stripe, Psychedelic, Cascading Floral and Typedelic print.  As well as vintage-inspired sets and unique embroidery, which really feel authentic to the time in soft natural fabrics and finishes. 
We also gender fluid pieces & accessories that are perfect for summer events and festivals.  We're so excited to see our menswear collection come to life after months in the making. A chance for you guys to express your unique style with The Hippie Shake menswear!


Sustainability is always at the forefront when designing the collections. This collection sees over 90% being made in natural or recycled fabrics which for us as a business is a huge step. We look at the longevity of the product, the fabric and the effects on the world. We also as a brand still run small quantities to ensure no waste & keeping our collections small run & special. 

It’s something with every day and every collection we strive to improve and keep working on to bring you the best but also the most sustainable product we can. We have very close relationships with all our suppliers who really understand our vision as brand and what we’re trying to achieve. 

As a company we also give 1% of our revenue each year to 1%  For The Planet & it goes directly to our partnered charity Trees For Cities.This is something we will continue to do yearly as we believe it’s a great cause and we want to continue to give something back to the planet. 


We chose particular references for our shoots to instantly immerse the imagination into the sights and sounds of the Summer of Love, so the viewer would feel as though they're instantly able to drop into the world we're creating for them.

For the campaign shoot, we drew inspiration from the 'All You Need is Love' video, where balloons, flowers and psychedelic friends enjoyed a passionate live performance from the Fab Four. We continued the story throughout the rooms of the recording studio, where our shots took inspiration from the control room scenes of 'Get Back'.

We continued into the studio shoot, which was also heavily influenced by the Twickenham Film Studios half of the sessions, in which The Beatles were set against an ombré backdrop - similar to one of the prints in our collection. We wanted to pay homage to this set for our product images, and were so pleased with the outcome, making sure all of the props were accurate and authentic to the time period.To delve into the full shoot head to our lookbook here.



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