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On Tour ‘74 : Behind the Collection

02 Oct 2023
We are so proud to present to you our newest collection on Tour ‘74!

Our aim with this collection was to capture the essence of that Rock ‘n’ Roll magic, where boundaries blur and individuality reigns supreme. It’s a fusion of bold and delicate, daring and dreamy. Rich in texture, soft in touch with galactic and geometric twists and a touch of sparkle which we know will strike a chord.
We are here to share the behind the scenes take on everything that went into creating this collection from initial ideas to the final products.

With every collection we like to explore a different style and mood and this season is no different where glam rock was at the core of the collection. Inspired heavily by the leading icons such as Bowie, Elton, Freddie Mercury & Marc Bolan. It features lot’s of suits, separates, coats and platform boots. We had so much fun creating this collection and playing around with different finishes and fabrications. We tried to create head to toe ensembles and piece which can easily be mix and matched creating lot’s of different outfit options and creativity!
The silhouettes this season are stronger and more androgynous with sharp collars, strong lines and power dressing suits but mixed with the softness of the floral print and fluid blouses. Strong velvet suits but styled with soft blouses and soft sets styled with poppy loud shirts, the feminine and masculine shapes are so fun to play around with and the pops of colour. 


As usual with this collection we worked with our print designer from Woodstock, NY Erin Cadigan. Erin's knowledge and understanding of the eras and what we're trying to achieve brings the collection to life. We work closely together in development, which is a really fun time for us both. We then take the elements and the surface design will be created onto garments where Erin will design the embroidery and any special details. 

Galactic - Inspired by peter max and 70s cosmic prints this fun spectrum print features galactic detailed as well as a guitar, flowers, rainbows and a face. It's gorgeous colours look so vibrant on the black background, it’s going to be so fun for party season. 

Green Check - Our first ever custom check and something we have wanted to do for a long time. In a retro colourway with green, brown, yellow and cream it’s perfect if you are looking for a more retro vibe this winter.

Heartbeat - This 70s dream print featured geometric lines which reminds us of a heartbeat line. In a classic 70s warm colourway, it works so perfectly with denim and tailoring. 

Cream Floral - This intricate floral features paisley elements and unusual shapes on a warm cream background which looks great layered with our faux fur trim coats. Elements from this print are used in embroidery in the collection.

Glam Stripe - No glam rock collection is complete without a statement stripe. Inspired by icons such as Bowie and Marc Bolan our classic irregular stripe for a glam update in a rich darker colour palette. This print gives of major rock 'n' roll vibes and features on flares, waistcoats and elements are taken from it translated into knits and dresses.

Fabric And Design Process

"We carefully source all of our textiles and yarns. For this collection, we wanted to up our play with textures from soft shaggy faux furs to smooth velvets and subtle sparkle and shine. Incorporating more knit products and blurring the borders of feminine vs masculine. Tailored sharp looks meet embroideries, pleats and voluminous bows. This Collection has extra everything. " 
Yasmine -  Head Of Collections


Sustainability is always at the forefront when designing the collection. We look at the longevity of the product, the fabric and the effects on the world. Also, run small quantities to ensure no waste & keep our collections small run & special. It’s something with every day and every collection we strive to improve and keep working on to bring you the best but also the most sustainable product we can. We have very close relationships with all our suppliers who really understand our vision as a brand and what we’re trying to achieve. As a company, we also give 1% of our revenue each year to 1%  For The Planet & it goes directly to our partnered charity Trees For Cities.This is something we will continue to do yearly as we believe it’s a great cause and we want to continue to give something back to the planet.


Our second menswear launch, a capsule collection of glam rock inspired pieces which are great for mix and matching into your wardrobes. A mix of separates, denim, suits & coats which we are really proud of. Inspired by rock 'n' roll legends such as Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Marc Bolan & Robert Plant we made sure this collection could transport you back to '74 with easy to style shapes with that vintage edge. We also really considered the final details such as contrast top stitching, printed linings, jacquard fabrics and knitwear. Our aim was to create pieces which look and feel authentic to the time but brought into the modern world. Easy to style, comfortable to wear and long lasting garments. 

Campaign Branding and Art Direction 

“To represent On Tour ‘74 visually, through photo and film, we followed a day in the life of band Picture Parlour, as they prepared for a show. From load in to soundcheck, snacks and wardrobe in the green room to that first step on the stage, we documented the process - culminating in a real show, to a real audience. With this concept in mind, the collection branding followed suit. I took inspiration for the fonts and graphic design elements from concert tickets and posters of the era, while continuing to incorporate The Hippie Shake branding and using the colour palette from the prints. It’s always fun to create a new world for each collection to live in every season, and this one was quite a visual change from the last, swapping swirls and hearts for strong lines and stars. Personally, I love to keep specific vintage references at the forefront of my mind when designing and directing, and once a project is over it’s marvellously satisfying to see how the original muses have been woven through the creative process and see how we’ve created our own unique homage to a specific moment in time” 
Rachel - Art Director

We worked with Wanda Martin for Photography and Ruth Garner for video.

"The shoot was a really special experience, everyone on set and from The Hippie Shake team were fantastic and created a beautiful environment to work in. The thought and creativity that goes into the collections and everything surrounding them is stunning. We got to live out our 70s dream donning the iconic HS garms for the day, living and performing in a glorious time warp. As a band who take huge inspiration from this era it was magical to be surrounded by so many people who share the same love for glam, glitz, music and fashion." - Picture Parlour

"The Hippie Shake shoot was such a great experience and pretty challenging as well, as the whole concept literally merged everything I love about photography and every field I’ve been trying to mix in my work. I would describe my aesthetic and photographic style as the combination of romantic painterly beauty and modern elements , especially rocknroll attitude: here we tapped into different genres of photography: we had the fashion element via shooting the beautiful new Hippie Shake collection, we worked with real musicians of great talent (very photogenic, too!) and i had to use my documentary and portraiture skills while shooting the gig and snapping portraits of the super cool looking audience."
Wanda Martin - Photographer

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