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01 Aug 2021
We recently had the pleasure of having the amazing Black Honey in studio 34 for our latest live session! They performed their song Back Of The Bar from their latest album Written & Directed and also a cover of Nancy Sinatra - Bang Bang which you can listen to both below. We also caught up with Izzy for a little Q&A for what’s in store for her and band now that things are starting to open up again.
We loved having you at Studio 34 for your session. Tell us more about your cover and why you picked it? 
We chose bang bang cus it’s a song that has been such a game changer for our sound. We have a thing now we call “nancies” to mean a guitar line inspired by this tone. The Cher version of this tune is also great! It’s very timeless and the story speaks to me.
You recently played Latitude Festival. How did it feel playing a gig with a live audience again?
It was WILD! A show we will remember for the rest of our lives. The girls came to the front everyone cried and we tour the place up! What a huge atmosphere.
Do you have a favourite venue or festival you can’t wait to play again?
Glastonbury. I hope we get invited back!
Who are your biggest icons that inspire you?
Nancy Sinatra.. duh! Debbie Harry, Jack White, Kurt Cobain, Elvis and Dolly Parton.
We love seeing you rock our pieces, what’s your favourite The Hippie Shake piece you own and why?
It’s a vintage piece you lent me first and then let me keep, an iconic red jumpsuit I wore it on my NME front cover and feel like Bowie in it! I never thought I would find another jumpsuit like it but you have since made 4 jumpsuits to the literal cut of this vintage one! I have them all on rotation and feel powerful and androgynous in them. 
We absolutely loved the retro aesthetic (and of course the sound) of your recent top 10 album Written & Directed. What were your main inspirations for the album? 
I wanted to repurpose the way women were presented in all the iconic grind house movies and literature from the 60s. I took old sexist comics and re wrote them. I wrote a song called “I like the way you die” and set it to a coven of female vampires.
We know you’re working hard on the new album, can you give us any secrets of what’s in-store for everyone? 
There’s some cheesy indie anthems haha! They sound fucking wild!!! And that’s all I can tell you for now! 

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